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THK distributor service in Singapore

Place of Origin JAPAN
Brand Name THK
Certification follow your demand
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Check Detail
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 5 working days after receiving bank receipt.
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union

Product Features

LM Guide
Caged Ball LM Guide
Use of a ball cage eliminates friction between balls, and achieves low noise, acceptable running sound, long-term maintenance-free operation, and superbly high speed response.
Caged Roller LM Guide
A ultra high rigidity Roller Guide that achieves low friction, smooth motion and long-term maintenance-free operation by using a roller cage.
LM Guide (full-ball type)
A series of types are available from miniature types to large types for machine tools, from linear guides to curved guides that suit a wide-range of applications.
Ball Screw
DIN Standard compliant Ball Screw
The nut flange shape, mounting holes and rated load are compliant with DIN69051.

Caged Ball

A Ball Screw that achieves low noise, small torque fluctuations and long-term maintenance-free operation by using a ball cage.
Finished Shaft Ends Model BNK
A Ball Screw using a screw shaft ground to high accuracy.
Precision Ball Screw / Spline
A Stroke/Rotary unit that has Ball Screw grooves and a Ball Spline groove crossing one another on a single shaft.
A Ball Screw using a screw shaft roll-formed to high accuracy.
Standard-Stock Precision Ball Screw (Unfinished Shaft Ends)
This type of Ball Screw is mass manufactured by cutting the standardized screw shafts of Precision Ball Screws to regular lengths.
Standard Unfinished Shaft Ends Rolled Ball Screw
The use of a guide plate system provides a compact design with a round outer diameter for the nut.
Support Unit
The Support Unit comes in six types: models EK, FK, EF, and FF, which are standardized for standard Ball Screw assembly provided with finished shaft ends, and models BK and BF, which are standardized for ball screws in general.
Nut Bracket
The nut bracket is standardized for standard Ball Screw assembly provided with finished shaft ends.
Lock Nut
The Lock Nut for Ball Screws is capable of easily fastening the screw shaft and the bearing with high accuracy.

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